CLEARANCE Vitra Wooden Doll Dog Large

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CLEARANCE Vitra Wooden Doll Dog

The Vitra Wooden Doll Dog is an extension of the Wooden Doll family from Alexander Girard. Available in two sizes, the Dog consists of three parts held together by magnets.

This listing is for a clearance model of the large Vitra Wooden Doll Dog, the item is in great condition, however the magnets connecting the 3 pieces are weaker than they should be. The items stands perfectly fine, just requires less force to separate the pieces.

We also have a clearance large Vitra Wooden Doll Cat, which can be found here.

Product Information

  • Solid fir wood
  • Hand painted
  • Three parts held together by magnets
  • Comes in wooden gift box
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 390mm
  • Designed by Alexander Girard
CLEARANCE Vitra Wooden Doll Dog Large
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