Fatboy Spheremaker (Set Of 6)

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Fatboy Spheremaker (Set Of 6)

The Spheremaker was inspired by a set of papier mâché spheres hanging from the ceiling of a cosy beach house on Ibiza. How about this: you can adjust the position and height of the spheres yourself by using the magnets and clips supplied with the lamp. The design is up to you because you’re the one doing the styling. If you want, you can create something new every day.  

Product Information

  • With 11 colours
  • The option of choosing either 3, 6 or 9 spheres
  • It is supplied with an LED light bulb that has been specially made by Fatboy
  • The LED light can be dimmed with the remote control

This product is made to order.

Fatboy Spheremaker (Set Of 6)
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