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Choosing The Right Lampshade for Your Home

Dependant on the sort of person you are, selecting a lampshade may or may not be a challenging endeavour. Even if you are an experienced "lampshader", it doesn't hurt to read a bit more. In this blog I will outline some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a lampshade.    Colour The first thing [...]

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The wonderful and super Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio. Where do we begin?  Citterio, the great, the inspirational, was born in the little city of Meda in Italy back in 1950. Some say born, others say delivered by the Design Gods. He studied and graduated with a degree in architecture from Politecnico di Milano and went on to open his own studio by [...]

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The Piggyback Table - Designed by Thomas Heatherwick

The Piggyback Table Magis, an Italian designer furniture supplier, asked Thomas Heatherwick and his company ( Heatherwick Studio) to design an expanding table. But they wanted the table to be like no other table which you need to slide and pull out wings, or any other mechanism of doing so; they wanted it to come with the [...]

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Vitra Design Classics - Chairs

Over the years, Vitra have produced an absolute plethora of chairs. Chairs which range in sizes, shapes, colours, and fabrics; they simply do not hold back. Vitra source only the best of designers, such as Charles & Ray Eames, where their sense for creativity is unimpaired.  There have been so many great designs from Vitra, so [...]

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Super & Popular - Their Masterpieces of Design - The Alessi Juicy Salif

To quote Alessi's 'Super and Popular - little Masterpieces of Design' the ingenious 'Juicy Salif' could very well be viewed as a small alien who happened to stop by and visit us at home!!!Year after year, the 'Juicy Salif' makes for a fabulous talking point in store, and remains fairly unparalleled for making that fabulous quirky [...]

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Who Are Naomi Paul Studio?

Due to the 100% Design exhibition, there have been many small names which have become big names. One of these names is Naomi Paul Studio. So who are they, or should we start off with 'Who is she'?Naomi Paul grew up on a farm in Sussex with a mix of German and English descent. She [...]

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A History of The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

There has been many. The prices may differ. But you'll never beat an original, authentic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Allow me to outline the reasons why. Before I get started, let's first find out a little something about the designers. The Eames Lounge Chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames after many different [...]

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Barber Osgerby - A brief overview

A lot of people will see a product, and will just quickly scan over who the designers of a product are. They don't really care about the designer, they just want to see the brand and the price. In this blog I intend to give an overview of where and how Barber Osgerby was formed, [...]

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