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Is it a chair? Is it a stool? It`s the Magis Spun!

Thomas Heatherwick was the designer of the Spun Chair for Magis. It can be a stool or a chair; the choice is yours!  Spun is a comfortable, relaxing and functional chair that can rock from side to side, or spins around in a complete circle. It’s a large spinning top all in one! Spun is made from [...]

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​Spring is upon us. Get the special edition Panton Chair while you can!

Spring is just around the corner, guys, and with this Vitra have just released a special edition of the Panton chair in new, vibrant summer colours. But do note, the Special Edition Pantons are only available from March until the end of July! The Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton and one of his primary [...]

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New Lighting Ranges Added To Papillon!

Recently at Papillon Interiors, we have been updating our website and have been adding new ranges to our categories. One category that we have been updating is lighting. Lightyears One of the new lighting range additions to our website is Lightyears. Lightyears have always taken great pride in designing incandescent lighting creations which combine the contemporary and the traditional. [...]

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The Tilting Tip Ton Chair From Vitra

Vitra Tip Ton Chair by Barber Osgerby, 2011 Tip Ton defines a whole new chair typology: the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action. Its name refers to the two types of sitting experiences that characterise the chair – from a normal position, Tip Ton can be tilted a few degrees forward where it then stays in [...]

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Magis - Our favourites

Magis - Our favourites There is so much that could be said about the Italian furniture company Magis. I'll keep this outline of the company short, and then I'll go on to outlining our top picks. To start, Magis was founded in 1976. Here's a fun fact for you, the word Magis is derived from the Latin [...]

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George Nelson - A Founder of American Modernism

George Nelson. There is just so much that could be said. His life, his influence, his designs. Where to begin? What to include? In this blog I shall be simply outlining who this master of design was, and will then focus on one aspect of his designs; his wall clocks.  George Nelson, born 1908 in Connecticut, [...]

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Choosing The Right Lampshade for Your Home

Dependant on the sort of person you are, selecting a lampshade may or may not be a challenging endeavour. Even if you are an experienced "lampshader", it doesn't hurt to read a bit more. In this blog I will outline some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a lampshade.    Colour The first thing [...]

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The wonderful and super Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio. Where do we begin?  Citterio, the great, the inspirational, was born in the little city of Meda in Italy back in 1950. Some say born, others say delivered by the Design Gods. He studied and graduated with a degree in architecture from Politecnico di Milano and went on to open his own studio by [...]

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The Piggyback Table - Designed by Thomas Heatherwick

The Piggyback Table Magis, an Italian designer furniture supplier, asked Thomas Heatherwick and his company ( Heatherwick Studio) to design an expanding table. But they wanted the table to be like no other table which you need to slide and pull out wings, or any other mechanism of doing so; they wanted it to come with the [...]

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