String® Storage at Papillon Interiors

Papillon Interiors have just bought a great new product to our store.String Storage

The String storage system is so versatile and stylish, Using many different components
you can create your own unique set-up.
String® Storage can be tailored to suit your own personal needs making them a great addition to any space, be that your Kitchen, Work area, Living area or even your bedroom.

The String® Storage Systems are very clean, simple and modern in appearance, however they can work in almost every environment and the size variants really show this. From offering a small shelving area to a entire wall of shelving storage and workspace.There really are no limits to what kind of space you can create with this system.

String® offers a great variety of finishes too just to give it that perfect final touch.
In store we also have our own String® Storage system setup for anyone who would like to come in and take a closer look.

String Storage