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Posted by Gilli Graham on

Fatboy sell a vast variety of fun and colourful products for the home, garden and even days out.
These products include, Bean bags, Lamps of all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes, sunshades, a really fun Hammock as well as dog beds and chandeliers for indoors and outdoors.

Many of their products have a vast range of colours and some you can even customise to your own taste. What I personally really enjoy about Fatboy as a brand is the Fun and Colourful element they bring to their products, really bringing a burst of colour and energy to any given environment.

Here are a few great examples of Fatboy fun products you could enjoy not only this summer but all year round:


The Lamzac is such a fun and innovative idea, bringing the Fatboy comfort of their Beanbag range into a handy portable lounger you can take anywhere.
The Lamzac is an air filled lounger available in a vast range of colours; it is durable and simple to inflate. Folding down into a neat little shoulder bag that is both light and stylish means you can take it anywhere.
Why not make the most of the summer sun and try one for yourselves next time you head to the Beach or the Park with friends.      

The Candyofnie
This fun and very creative item is one of my favourite Fatboy products, from the nostalgia of creating your own bead bracelets to being able to custom make your own beautiful hanging light.
The Candyofnie has a variety of 8 different shaped pieces for the lamp also with a choice of 11 different colours to choose from it means the combinations are limitless.
This unique light fitting would be a great piece for anywhere in the home, bringing a touch of colour and your own individual style.

Fatboy also offer a great tool on their website where you can custom create the lamp you would like giving you a chance to see just how the finished product will look.

The Transloetje Lamp

One of our newest products from Fatboy,
This small retro in appearance translucent and thus exposing the classic style light bulb within, offering a bright and effective Lamp.
However, this Lamp although seemingly Retro in appearance is very modern in function, The Base of the lamp is effectively a dimmer for the LED energy saving bulb. The Lamp is available in 8 different colours meaning it will fit into any chosen colour design.
The Transloetje is also very practical, no worrying about finding sockets and hiding unsightly cables, There is a built in USB to Charge the Lamp, thus meaning a Tidy and stand-alone piece