Extremis Gargantua Table

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Extremis Gargantua Table

Extremis Gargantua Table was designed by Dirk Winants in 1994. The gargantua table offers superior functionality thanks to its adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstances. There is a level for adults, for small and tall children, or the bench can be used as an extension of the tabletop. Provides space for 8 - 12 people. Indeed, this table is practise for the entire family. If one bench is removed, people in wheelchairs can also join the table. Gargantua is also ideal for urban spaces and project environments.

Position 1: adults, young adolescents
Position 2: children
Position 3: small children
Position 4: enlarged table top to fit more people with chairs

Product Information

  • Highest position for xxl table top and (wheel) chairs 
  • Table is the perfect parasol foot for inumbra or inumbrina parasol
  • Anti-aging materials with low maintenance 
  • Parts that touch the body are made of wood 
  • Eco-design: small bench slats for optimal material usage, low transport volume
  • Diameter: 231 cm (benches at lowest position)
  • Height: 75 cm 
Extremis Gargantua Table
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