Magis ArcheToys Car & Caravan

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Magis ArcheToys Car & Caravan

ArcheToys is a new designer toy collection from Magis which was designed by Floris Hovers. The ArcheToy collection contains heavy, high quality metal model vehicles in different sizes. With basic, factory-made metal parts, Floris Hovers builds what he calls ArcheToys, archetypes of familiar motorised vehicles.

The Archetoys collection contains 30 different models, which are handcrafted and produced by remains from other Magis products. The thought behind the design indicates that, though typified as toys, these vehicles are meant to express far more than just children's toys.

Product Information

  • Collectable 
  • Steel profiles
  • Epoxy resin paint
  • 30 Different Models
  • Light green 5092, white 5105
Magis ArcheToys Car & Caravan
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