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Contactless Transactions and the Future with i-Clip

Posted by Gilli Graham on

With Contactless Card Payments becoming hugely popular and far more accessible we are feeling the need to carry a large traditional purse or wallet with us far less. 
The simplicity of being able to just hover our card and not have to worry about carrying cash or coins not only stops that jingling bulky weight in your pocket but can also give an added sense of security. 

The media have commented that with such a rise "does it mean the end for traditional wallets?"
I think it certainly gives greater demand for a smaller and simpler product.
The i-Clip is just such a product, its slimline and stylish simplicity means you can store your cards together but also be able to pay for your items with the simplest wave of your i-clip. 

With a great range of colours and fabric choices there's a style for everyone.

The i-Clip Card Holder is an extremely lightweight and handy card wallet, providing a neat and tidy way for you to store all of the cards you may need on a daily basis.

Weighing only 18 grams the i-Clip is very slimline and light, you will hardly notice the iClip in your pocket yet it eliminates the need to search in multiple different places or hunt through a big heavy wallet for the desired card.

Effortlessly slide through the cards (up to 12 cards) one by one using your thumb/finger until you find the one you're looking for then simply remove it or even easier using contactless simply hold the i-clip over the sensor and you have effortless payment.

i-Clip have a great range, from sports styles, to more classic original leather styles and even vegetarian fabric options all in a great variety of colours. 

Maybe the Traditional wallet isn't exactly redundant but a more lightweight and simple product is certainly a welcome addition when trying to avoid being weighed down by the bulk we find ourselves carrying around day to day.