Vitra Akari Table Lamps Collection

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Vitra Akari Table Lamps Collection

In 1951, Isamu Noguchi started to design the Akari Light Sculptures, a total of over 100 hand-made Shoji-paper models for table lights, standard lamps or ceiling luminaires. The Japanese word "akari" means brightness and light, but also lightness. Vitra Design Museum Collection. "The light of Akari is like the light of the sun filtered through the paper of shoji. The harshness of electricity is thus transformed through the agic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun. So that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night". (Isamu Noguchi)- Lampshade: shoji paper, partly painted.

This listing is for the Vitra Akari table lamp collection - also available are Akari floor lamps (which can be found here) and Akari pendant lights (which can be found here).

Product Information

  • 12 Akari table lamp variants available
  • Also available are Akari floor lamps & pendant lights
  • Shoji paper, some partially painted
  • Some models with end pieces in wood/bamboo
  • Bamboo/Steel wire structure
  • Painted steel wire legs
  • Designed by Isamu Noguchi, 1951

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