Muller WorkFrame

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Workframe from Muller

 The Award winning Workframe from Muller is a well designed space saving solution for the modern home or apartment.The Workframe acts as a small restingstation for modern mobile equipment such as Ipads, Netbooks and phones.

 With a thickness of only 4.5 cm (total depth),the workframe is both well design ,sleek and minimal. The outer section can be specifed with a picture frame so when closed the unit appears to be a piece of wall art or can be specifed in its least expensive form in a white coated birch finish.

  The Workframe is supplied with wall fixings and can be wall mounted at a height to suit childrens or adults and/or seated or standing height.The front section can be lowered to provide the worksurface and the rear panel of workframe is made from metal which also allows the backwall section to used as a magnetic memo board

  The Workframe had recently won the Interior Innovation award (2013) for its intelligent use of space and quality of design.

   Price shown is for the Workframe in white edge wood. This includes 3 Magnets ,power strip with four outlets and wall mounting kit.

    For more information on the options available please call or mail us today  01843 220088 or




Work frame open and ready to use
Availability: 3-6 weeks
Width: 70.00
Height: 52.60
Depth: 5.50
Gift wrapping: Options available
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Warranty: Full manufacturers warranty