Vitra Girard Hand-Painted Wooden Dolls

Wooden dolls

Alexander Girard is the creator of the wooden dolls; Girard Born in 1907 in New York became an iconic name in design after the war, He worked alongside Eames, Charles and Nelson whom were all also already iconic names in the world of design. The wooden Dolls came from original creations that he made for his own home.

Girard was mostly focused on Textile design, allowing him to work with an amazing variety of colours and bold patterns and weaves, his preferred work was using abstract and Geometric designs.
After Gerard passed in 93 his wife passed on his beautiful works to the Vitra Design Museum where many of his stunning pieces can be seen; including the Original Wooden Dolls. wooden dolls
His bright dolls can be seen as Part statement design pieces and part toy.
They make a great addition to any home, workspace or even play area with their bold colours and patterns.
Girard was often inspired by his love of South American, Asian and Eastern European Folk art design.
I feel that this reflects in his work greatly whilst his combination of these design elements really creates his own unique style.

Each Doll is hand crafted and painted making every owned doll unique in their own way, also the range of dolls allows a truly great collection for any avid Vitra or Girard collector.